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Varadero Valencia continues with its intense season of spectacular refits

Since the beginning of the new refit season, Varadero Valencia has not stopped in its maintenance works, With some large and interesting refits such as an extraordinary Classic yacht from the 1950’s which they have been working out for 2 months already.

With a total forecast of 6 months of work, this fantastic yawl will improve its performance with the application of a complete new antifouling system and will see other improvements with the change of supports under the engine, the repair of the frames, as well as the construction of new steel frames and a detailed inspection of the engine with the possibility of exchanging it for a new one. This Classic yacht intends to continue sailing the waters of the Mediterranean for many decades more.

All these works are organized by the technical team of Varadero Valencia, who emphasizes being "very satisfied with the work done so far and with the planning of the rest of repairs in which the metal workshops, carpentry and mechanics of the yard are involved. Although it seems a simple routine intervention, it is a very detailed and very specialist work because we are working with a very delicate boat with the objective of prolonging its life for many more years. And this fills us with hope."

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  • Varadero Valencia continues with its intense season of spectacular refits
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