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Varadero Valencia celebrates a very special event for captains

Varadero Valencia organised an exclusive program for a small group of captains who travelled from Palma de Mallorca to see the facilities of the dry dock. This trip was scheduled at a time when Valencia celebrates its most international party so, the team of Varadero Valencia organized a fun day of “Fallas” in which the guests could enjoy a mascletà and a paella in a vip place of the city.

The group, made up of 10 captains and the owner of the nautical magazine The Islander; made a stop in their routine and sailed for the city chosen last year by Time magazine as the best place to live. And the reasons are diverse: its climate, the quality of life, the proximity to beaches and mountains, the cultural offer, the connections with the Peninsula and the experience of travellers on Tripadvisor. They are factors that have all helped to qualify it as such.

Upon arrival at the capital of the Turia, the first stop where at the facilities of the dry dock to look at the space and all the equipment first hand. Accompanied by Santiago Donat, Manager of Varadero Valencia, project managers of the Varadero, and Belén Fons, organizer of this fantastic visit, they made a tour of the yard, being able to see at first hand the quality and technology used in the dry dock, as well as the warmth and professionalism of the team that carries out the various tasks of repair and maintenance.

Offices, workshops, chandlery shop, and some high performance racing yachts using the yard as a winter base were some of the points of interest to the visitors.

After this stop, taking advantage of the festivities of the capital, the guests enjoyed from a exclusively balcony reserved for them, the unique pyrotechnic show that this city offers at that time.

To continue with a full day, the group tasted the typical Valencian paella followed by a tour of several squares of the city where a falla had been installed ready to be burned on the last day of the holidays. Something that surprised everyone was the tradition of burning all the meticulous work of a whole year.

This visit could be the starting point of a relationship that promises to be interesting and very productive as Santiago Donat says “it is always very pleasant to receive visitors and be able to present the facilities personally as they are perceived in a totally different way to what is appreciated in a catalogue. The atmosphere in Varadero Valencia and the treatment offered by all our staff is impossible to capture on paper. And many times it is what makes the difference between one dry dock and another.Back in Palma, with the excitement of having spent a special day together, the group of guests went for a meal as friends which is what they have become after this visit.

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  • Varadero Valencia celebrates a very special event for captains
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