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Varadero Ibiza responds to the urgencies of summer

As every year, Varadero Ibiza is prepared to respond to any type of emergency of any boat, that might arise during through the local waters. The shipyard has the technical equipment and the necessary facilities to attend to any unforeseen event as quickly and efficiently as possible.
In addition, Varadero Ibiza has a privileged location in the bay of the capital Pitiusa next to Marina Ibiza. Its situation makes it a comfortable place to solve any emergency damage or breakdown since the ease of access and parking makes the management of receipt of materials, parts or even visits for the organization of repair work faster. This fundamental aspect, with the professional and fast service, helps not to waste unnecessary time and to be able to continue with their vacations and sailing in the mínimum possible time, in spite of the unforessen events.

From small boats up to large yachts of both motor and sail, these boats can carry out their maintenance work in painting, antifouling, GRP, capentry, metalwork, electrical and electronic installations, hydraulics or simple cleaning.

And this wide range of specialist services is also the reason for the increasing trend of yacht owners and captains deciding to carry out the repair and maintenance in Varadero Ibiza.

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  • Varadero Ibiza responds to the urgencies of summer
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