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The perfect destination for the repair of yachts in Ibiza renews its quality and safety certifications

Located in the bay and with Dalt Vila in front, Varadero Ibiza is considered the perfect option to carry out efficiently and professionally the annual maintenance works on any kind of yacht.

From the arrival of the yacht until its launching, all the steps to follow are part of a rigorous protocol that has been designed by the management team and supervised by external auditors to ensure that Varadero Ibiza offers the best care of the yacht, as well as the greater quality of customer service, always monitoring the safety and care of the environment.

All sizes of yachts, both motor and sail, go to the shipyard looking for a solution to their requirements, as well as to carry out their maintenance works in painting, antifouling, GRP, carpentry, metalwork, electrical and electronic installations, cleaning of boats plus anything else which a yacht requires. For this, the shipyard always uses top quality brands and qualified professionals to ensure the success of the work done.

As an example of measures aimed at ensuring the safety and care of the environment, it should be noted that throughout this year Varadero Ibiza has implemented special security measures such as improving the protection of eyes and hearing by incorporating a full screen mask with earphones and earmuffs for the workers who do the repairs. Likewise, special recycling measures have been implemented in the esplanade, collecting 5,100 liters of bilge oil as an example. An annual seabed cleaning of the shipyard is also carried out as well as awareness campaigns aimed at customers and employees. These have been launched to save on water and energy consumption.

One of the last yachts repaired, entered to do maintenance works after an intense sailing season. The team of workers of the shipyard, together with the Project Manager, carried out several works, among which we can highlight the pickling and subsequent application of an antifouling treatment using top quality products according to the client's request. If something is taken care of in Varadero Ibiza the quality of the products applied to ensure its duration and effectiveness can be assured.

Also, they repaired and replaced the teak decks, proceeded to polish the hull, structures and metals such as propellers, rudders, flaps, amongst others, as well as making repairs to the inside of the yacht including carpentry, upholstery, and electrical damage which the shipyard team solved thanks to its extensive experience.

All the shipyard team are dedicated to offer an excellent quality service and maintain its accreditation of efficiency and guarantees in the repair and maintenance of yachts.

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  • The perfect destination for the repair of yachts in Ibiza renews its quality and safety certifications
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