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Marina Port de Mallorca celebrates the end of the season in a solidarity way

Marina Port de Mallorca celebrated with its customers and friends the usual end of season barbecue. This year we placed a symbolic price on drinks and food to raise funds for the victims of Sant Llorenç. The assistants were encouraged to make a donation that didn’t disappoint and showed their generosity and empathy with the victims of this town.

Taking advantage of the event, the marina also distributed some environmental messages about energy savings. There is no doubt that our habits regarding the environment can help with the improvement of environmental conditions and many of the ecological disasters that occur could be avoided with careful behaviour and respect for nature.

That is why Marina Port de Mallorca follows a rigorous energy saving policy and carries out actions aimed at raising awareness amongst its employees, customers and collaborators of the importance of environmental care. This includes matters such as, the installation of solar panels to heat water for the showers or the installation of low consumption LED lighting throughout the marina.

Every year, Marina Port de Mallorca carries out this type of activity for its clients and takes the opportunity to launch a constructive message, this time of solidarity and environmentally, while at the same time doing a friendly and relaxed meeting in which many already say goodbye until next year.

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  • Marina Port de Mallorca celebrates the end of the season in a solidarity way
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