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III Varadero Valencia Trophy ends up with Brujo, Blue Lizard, Aquax and Un mar sin barreras as the winners in ORC class

Last Sunday was the final day of the III Varadero Valencia Trophy of the ORC cruise class jointly organized by Real Club Náutico de Valencia and Varadero Valencia for the third consecutive year.


A total of 25 yachts raced this year in different classes (ORC1 and 2, ORC 3, ORC 4 and ORC E) throughout three days: November 11th and 25th, and December 16th, but the second Racing day had to be cancelled due to extreme weather conditions with strong gusts of wind that exceeded 30 knots, exceeding the maximum limit allowed of 25 knots, which was considered dangerous for participants  to sail.

For the results, therefore, the classification of the first and third days were taken into account.

III Varadero Valencia Trophy results:

Class 1: Brujo, Alberto de CAstro
Class 2: Blue Lizard, Eduardo Tur
Class 3: Aquax, Manuel Martínez Casaña
Class E: Un mar sin barreras, Javier Asensi Marqués

The trophies, with a very special design, were given to the winners by Santiago Donat, Manager of Varadero Valencia, together with the President of the Real Club Náutico Valencia, Alejandro Fliquete, together with the Sailing Delegate, Rafael de Tomas, the Director of the RCNV, Carlos de Beltran and the Vice President of the FVCV (Sailing Federation of the Valencian Community), Rafael Chirivella. All of them were in charge of giving prizes and congratulating the winners in a competitive but endearing environment.

Varadero Valencia offered a small snack for the participants and attendees of the race in which the best manoeuvres and strategies of the competition were discussed.

Varadero Valencia has positively valued the third edition of the Trophy, which year after year has an increasing the number of boats participating in the competition, and there is a desire to continue growing its participation and recognition in the coming years. 

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  • III Varadero Valencia Trophy ends up with Brujo, Blue Lizard, Aquax and  Un mar sin barreras as the winners  in ORC class
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