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With the introduction of the new 1,000TN travelift, STP Shipyard Palma consolidates its world leader position in yacht repair

STP Shipyard Palma officially presented its new 1,000TN Travelift with the Balearic Islands Port Authorities and the Ministry of Labour, Trade and Industry, after having verified its operational capacity having undergone months of operational testing in the shipyard.

The presentation was made by José María Campuzano, CEO of STP, who explained the benefits of incorporating this new crane, not only to repair yachts, but also of the importance to the Balearic nautical sector and the island in general. During the 12 years that STP has been operating, there has been a remarkable increase both in the number and the lengths of yachts that visit us and, in the quality, and specialisation of the companies dedicated to their repair. It is a fact that Palma de Mallorca has become an international benchmark for the nautical sector.

In the words of José María Campuzano, “STP Shipyard Palma has always opted to grow in order to adapt to the demands and needs of the market, trying to offer the best equipment for the increasing demand of yachts that choose Mallorca to carry out their repairs. But it has also been a focus as a multiplier of economic activity. Due to this increase, STP made the decision to adapt and grow at the same rate as the sector, providing important technological and service improvements, that have led to the creation of new companies, the creation of new jobs and the constant improvement of the industry in order to be really competitive”.

During the presentation event, the president of the Port Authorities, Joan Gual de Torrella, and the Minister of Labour, Trade and Industry, Iago Negueruela, reinforced the idea of what this introductions means for the Balearic economy, its contributing vision to the exponential growth of the nautical sector in the Balearics, and the importance of this investment made by STP Shipyard Palma to continue growing in this sector.

In STP it is currently possible to repair more than 140 large yachts at the same time. Annually, more than 1,000 yachts of up to 120 meters are repaired with around 500 companies with more than 3,000 employees, counted in its facilities. This means that around 250 million euros of direct billing can be generated annually in the work area. 

Some 800 direct jobs and 1,500 indirect jobs are estimated to be generated, without considering crew members on the vessels that also work on the refit and repairs. And this also helps to generate a seasonal effect between the nautical and tourism industry.

The new Travelift arrived at Palma last August, in 23 trucks, delivered from Italy. It took approximately 2 months to assemble in to the shipyard. It has 32 wheels with electronic steering, two Volvo engines of 286Hp, 32 slings and 4 blocks of hoists per side, 1 fixed and 3 mobiles. Its dimensions are considerably larger than the actual 700 TN one, and it is 26 m long, 12.5 m wide and 25m high, making it the largest capacity Travelift in Europe by size and lifting capacity.

These technical advances allow for more manoeuvrability, saving on turning distance and giving it a lifting capacity of greater length and weight. Another important point about this new Travelift is that many sailboats will not have to dismantle their stays or back stays, or other sections belonging to the rigging.

There are only four Travelifts of this type in the world: two in USA, one in Dubai and the one that was presented in Palma de Mallorca this week. This new Travelift is a strong message of the commitment of STP Shipyard Palma to respond to the current and future needs of the nautical market.

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  • With the introduction of the new 1,000TN travelift, STP Shipyard Palma consolidates its world leader position in yacht repair
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