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STP Shipyard Palma collaborates with the “Master in Nautical Industry” taught by the UIB

STP Shipyard Palma, was one of the promoters of the initiative that urged the institutions to create courses focused on obtaining specialists in the various areas of the nautical industry. The size to which this industry has grown and the category of professionals currently working in the shipyard, has positioned the Balearic Islands in the international spotlight, attracting to our facilities yachts from around the world with a myriad of needs.

It is from this strong demand of professionals from the different areas of yacht repair and maintenance that the idea of offering local professional training to students in the Balearic Islands was born, which will generate the jobs in the future.

Regarding this initiative, STP has received the first class of the Master in Nautical Industry students taught by the UIB (University of the Balearic Islands) thanks to the agreement signed with the Spanish Association of Large Yachts and with the support of the Commerce of Mallorca Chamber, the Employer of Maritime Activities of the Balearic Islands Association, Maritime Captaincy of Mallorca, Maritime Rescue and other organizations and institutions.

For the students, it was a great experience to know from inside the operation of one of the most important yacht repair centres in Europe and with international recognition thanks to its particular characteristic of an “open shipyard” policy. This ensures that standards are maintained due to competition in all spheres of the repair and refit industry.

The Master students were able to learn directly from the STP Manager, Joan Rosselló, how the complicated management of a shipyard in which more than 1,500 people from the almost 500 specialist companies of the nautical sector that work within the facilities daily, on more than 140 yachts simultaneously.

The Master in Nautical Industry, taught for the first time by the UIB, will undoubtedly respond to the great demand of new industry specialists in the Balearic Islands and especially Mallorca, having become one of the most desired destinations for shipowners, captains and charter users for both recreation and repair.

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  • STP Shipyard Palma collaborates with the “Master in Nautical Industry” taught by the UIB
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