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Marina Ibiza, starting line for Wings for Life World Run 2019

Marina Ibiza is the starting line of the Wings for Life World Run 2019 from the restaurant Calma located inside the marina. This charity race is organised simultaneously throughout the world, activating through an APP. The race raises funds for spinal cord research.

The Wings for Life World Run with the slogan “Run for those who cannot”, is a race with a very special format. Any runner can participate, even in a wheelchair and there is no goal line to reach, but the finish line goes for you, ensuring that all participants can finish the race, through a virtual car that at the time it reaches you, the APP tells you that you have finished the race.

The start is made 30 minutes before the Catcher Car begins to roll at a constant speed of 14 km/h and gradually increases its speed until it has reached the last of the athletes.

Marina Ibiza didn’t hesitate to be part of this initiative for two main reasons – 100% of the money raised goes to the research of the spinal cord -  as well as the innovation in the format, which allows any participant to finish the race and be part of the world ranking. For this reason, the port offered the Calma restaurant inside the marina itself as a starting point. A place with spectacular views to motivate those who would like to take part in the event.

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  • Marina Ibiza, starting line for Wings for Life World Run 2019
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