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Varadero Valencia presents its environmental plan to customers and suppliers.

On the occasion of World Environment Day, Varadero Valencia organised an open day for customers, suppliers and employees in order to present the different measures put in place within the dock to improve the environmental management of its installations.
Varadero Valencia has launched a protocol for recording and reporting data on hazardous waste collected in the dock in 2022, and classifying it according to its characteristics so that it can subsequently be suitably appraised and recycled.
At the same time, Varadero Valencia publicised the results of the analysis undertaken of the environmental impact generated by its activity and the different preventive and corrective actions implanted to minimise said impact.
The visitors toured the different areas of the dock in order to see the various waste collection points that have been installed on the esplanade as a way of contributing to protection of the environment.
In addition, throughout the open day the visitors were reminded of the importance of applying antifouling to vessels in order to prevent incrustations, as invasive species that become embedded on the hulls of boats (algae and winkles) can cause loss of biodiversity in the oceans when they are transferred from one region to another, and are in fact the second major cause of this biodiversity loss.
This activity forms part of Varadero Valencia’s environmental programme, with which it pursues environmental management and protects the surroundings both inside the dock and around it, by raising awareness among customers, suppliers and employees.

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  • Varadero Valencia presents its environmental plan to customers and suppliers.
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