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The environmental day arouses curiosity among customers

Marina Palma Cuarentena and Marina Port de Mallorca have celebrated their environmental day as part of the awareness campaign promoted by IPM Group like every year. The aim is to sensitize its customers about the environmental impact in the subaquatic world caused by bad habits.

For these days, both marinas were helped by speciallized divers to look for the garbage underwater and with the backup of the marina crew they extracted motorcicles, televisions, traffic signals, batteries, shopping carts, loose plastic parts, a toaster and a fire extinguisher.

In the following link you’ll see the moment in which the divers with the marina crew extracted a motorcycle:

Both marinas also gave out flyers with information about consecuences generated by plastic in the sea, some tips to care about posidonia, as well as some pieces of advice on how to save water and electricity. Besides, these flyers are going to be available all week.

The marinas also held a barbacue for friends and customers during the evening as a closure of the environmental day and to thank customers for their trust. It was a nice party which accompanied by the good temperatures that continue in the island and great music, it was one of the events mostly demanded by clients that all wish to repeat.

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  • The environmental day arouses curiosity among customers
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